While you’re thinking of ICGEF 2020, we want to facilitate you with the smooth processes along with professional accurate information. If you think you’re a researcher, academician, industry expert or an enthusiastic individual in the following themes it’s time for you to prepare yourself for the conference and your presentation.
To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow-up process, please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, terms, and deadlines mentioned.


28th October 2020

Abstract Template

Submit your Abstract to  secretariat.icgef@gmail.com

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  • The official language of the meeting is English.
  • Please ensure you are selecting the correct affiliation and email address.
  • Your abstract should not exceed 300 words in total (max. 1 page) should be covered by one or more of the Conference Tracks (Scientific Sessions) and should summarize concisely a new research study. It should start with a very brief background about why your study needs to be done, methods used, major results and implications of your research work.
  • Figures and tables are not acceptable in the abstract.
  • All the abstracts will be examined by track chairs and members of the scientific committee of the ICGEF 2020 and the abstracts will be accepted for an oral presentation.
  • Authors of accepted abstracts will present their studies orally (a PPT presentation of 12 min on a large HD screen).
  • Presentation materials and comments remain online.
  • The start and end times are given in the online program at each session and are according to Jakarta Time (zone).
  • Please see the important dates for the conference schedule.


Abstract Submission

Once you prepared your abstract according to the guidelines,

  • Submit your Abstract to secretariat.icgef@gmail.com
  • After successful submission, receipt acknowledging the abstract will be sent via an email within three Working days.

About The Reviewing Process of Your Abstract

  • TIIKM’s double-blind peer review process is conducted by the Conference Secretariat under the guidance of the Scientific Committee Chair/ Conference Chair.
  • Conference Chair serves as the Head of the Scientific Committee and will make the final decision on abstracts.
  • Scientific Committee Members are established academics who hold PhDs or other terminal degrees in their fields who have previous peer review experience.
  • Every abstract will undergo a double blind peer review by an international Scientific Committee Member within two to three weeks after its receipt.
  • Results of the abstract review will be sent to the author within One week of submission (Conditions apply if there is an emergency).
  • Notices of acceptance or rejection of the paper will be sent to the author with reviewer comments.
  • If revisions are required according to the reviewer comments, the revised abstract must be sent back within a week.
  • If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to Register for the Conference.



Following the ICGEF 2020 Conference, we provide you with the opportunity to publish your paper in a dedicated special issue. Submit your Full paper on or before 09th November 2020.


Important Information for Co-Authors

  • Please note a Single Registration Permits only one person to attend the Conference
  • If the co-authors would like to attend the conference, their registration and payment are required to be made independently.
  • Co-authors will be given a discount of 15% from the Non-Presenter’s (Listener’s) registration fee.
  • The certificate will be issued to co-authors upon their registration/payment for the conference.
  • Please make the prior communications with the organizing committee with regard to this matter to enjoy the benefit of the discount.